– The Art of an Ordinary Day –

We are a group of photographers who've come together to explore the stories closest to home.

Inspired by Kate Densmore's book, Stories of Home, published through Craft & Vision, we believe that there is art in an ordinary day, and that it's worth documenting. 

Lori McCurdy

Bentonville, AR

I'm Lori, mom to 3 boys and one "baby" girl. I live in NW Arkansas with my family and high school sweetheart of 20 years! I'm fairly new to photography but have fallen in love with it! Im passionate about capturing true authentic connections and real life moments where heart and storytelling are at the heart of each shot! I also am a writer and love sharing my heart through the pictures I take.

Stephanie Michaelis

Shoreline, WA

Lifestyle/documentary photographer that loves to capture people as organicly as possible. Inspired by light, I started my photography business in 2015 and I've been learning and growing with my passion each day. Life is beautiful and messy, I want to capture those moments of reality.

Laura Hutchason Hearn

Dallas, TX

I am a musician’s wife, boy mom and light chaser. I strive to capture the big and small moments of our life, as well as everything in between. My images document the struggles, laughs, tantrums and beauty in our every day. The real, raw and authentic moments that make up a life well-lived.

Jennifer Tait

Aurora, CO

I'm a happy hobbyist photographer living in the Denver area with my husband, two crazy, hilarious girls and two fur babies. There is no shortage of craziness and/or adventure in our house. We live for weekends being outside in the mountains or our own backyard. Trying to stay sane and capture great memories along the way.

Angela Ramsey

Norfolk, VA

I am a mom of four children living in Norfolk, Va. I love documentary photography.

Lindsay Beros

Rochester, MI

I'm Lindsay. I live in Rochester, Michigan with my husband and 3 kids (ages 7,5,2). I am an OBGYN with a passion for photography. I shoot with an Olympus EM1 mark ii and Nikon D750 to capture our every day moments.

Kate Densmore

Grand Canyon, AZ

Kate Densmore wants to live in a world where women see themselves reflected in the simple beauty of their every day; where they find the confidence to be proud of the life they've built and know that they are, unequivocally, enough. A sought-after family documentary photographer, workshop instructor, and mentor, she seeks light, emotion, and authenticity in everything she photographs.

Rebecca Mongrain

Seattle, WA

As a full-time Mom, juggling a freelance writing career, my life revolves around parenting, food, fitness and photography with the occasional craft. As a former social media and public relations professional, I now spend my time writing about my favorite topics: parenting, fitness, food, photography & crafts.

Yan Liu

Logan, UT

I am a research scientist specialized on neroscience, photographer is a big passion for me besides science. After my son was born on 2014, I fell in love of shooting everyday story and emotion in my own life.

Dana Reiser

Washburn, ND

I live in a small town in central ND where we farm with my husbands cousin. We have a four-legged child. This year I've really been learning a lot more about digital photography and postprocessing. I work in a documentary style and am trying to find my niche while letting my creativity get fostered by following all kinds of photographers and artists.

Angie Klaus

Fairfax, VA

Angie is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Northern Virginia. She specializes in birth, baby, and family stories in photos and videos. She loves traveling to explore new places and spending time outside with her family.

Lyra Lee

Bismarck, ND

Lyra grew up on the coast of NC, but now lives with her husband, 3 kids, and a big St. Bernard pup in North Dakota. She finds the prairie and big blue sky to be beautiful, but each year by February, wonders how much longer she can endure living under a blanket of snow. She enjoys doing photography work for clients and has recently begun a personal 365 project, which is pushing and growing her passion for capturing everyday life with her kids.

Anna Bradley

Buckinghamshire, UK

I am a family and fine art photographer based in Buckinghamshire in the UK, with three young children of my own. Nearly all of my images are taken in very ordinary places and record very ordinary moments - at home using natural window light, in our garden or on the street outside. Most of all I want my children to have something to look back on that shows them just how much they were loved, something that seems especially important on the days when I am not finding being a mum very easy!

Melinda Schroeder

Sequim, WA

I'm a wife, mom to my two littles, and a teacher living on the Olympic Peninsula in beautiful Washington State. I picked up a camera shortly after my daughter was born and have been enthralled with documenting the priceless, authentic memories that make up our everyday. I am looking to transition from hobbyist to pro in the next year or so. I am an outdoor enthusiast, wanderlust dreamer, introvert at heart, and coffee and chocolate addict.

Jolene Diane

Chantilly, Virginia

As a Navy wife and mother to two boys, I enjoy the rhythm and routine of family life. I have always loved photography. Documenting the beauty of our everyday allows me to focus on the blessings in our lives.

Celina Bailey

Montreal, Canada

Celina is from Montreal, Quebec where she lives with her sweet husband and two kids (Mister M is 9 and Miss E is 7). She a fashion designer and online content creator. When she isn’t blogging or sewing, you can find her taking photos of her kids. She first took a photography class in high school, but it wasn’t until she saw the Vivian Maier documentary two years ago, that she decided to learn all she could about photography.

Ibelise Paiva

Poissy, France

I'm Venezuelan, but I've been living in France since 2003. I started exploring photography a decade ago; first through self-portraits; then through street photography. In 2012, I decided to test my way of seeing as a wedding photographer, and following the birth of my first son in 2015, family photography has been my main interest.

Elizabeth Willson

Chambersburg, PA

Call me, "Liz." :)

Saved soul living in faith and grace.

Honored wife to a fellow-occupational therapist, friend, and love.

Momma to 4 energy-filled blessings. Seeking, capturing and sharing Life and Light.

Kellie Llewellyn

Williston, ND

Hello! I'm Kellie, I live in western ND with my husband and six kids. I am a lifestyle/documentary photgrapher just starting my business. I love to capture the sticky, loud, crazy life we have while drinking diet Mountain Dew.

Jan Johnson


Mom to three, gathering up memories to cherish forever.

Kimberly Lowry

North Pole, AK

Wife, mother of 7, Latter-day Saint, homeschooler, photographer, lover of good books, Surviving and thriving in Alaska.

Amanda Griffin

Birmingham, MI

I've been the girl with the camera for as long as I can remember. I learned to shoot and develop black and white film in a high school class and I haven't really stopped learning since. There is always something new to explore. love capturing the beauty of the world around me and the imperfect moments that always make the best memories. I'm usually shooting with either my Nikon or my iPhone, since I think the best camera you can use is the one you have with you when inspiration strikes. You will usually find me with either a camera or a cup of coffee in my hand. Sometimes both.

Erika Vianey Avila-Hernandez

Seattle, WA

Hi! I'm Erika. In short, my family and I live in the Seattle area. We have two girls, 8, and 4, and one boy, 2. My family is at the center of my life, documenting them, keeping them alive, and recently taking on clients pretty much fills my days day in and day out. Coffee has been a tremendous help!

Kimberli Fredericks

Bismarck, ND

Kimberli is a light loving, shadow seeking, coffee obsessed wife and mom to three. You can find her chasing kids and light with her camera, and praying for a little bit of quiet and a whole lot of sleep!


Retired architect enjoying a long held love of photography. Married with all our children are adults living on their own. Currently, my interests are candid individual and family photography, documentary style events, and street photography.

Yehudis Goldfarb

I am a wife, mother of 4 and a social worker- turned photographer. I photograph families in their own homes to capture the beauty of their everyday lives so that parents can see what an awesome job they are doing raising their children.

Candice Morneau

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

I am an outnumbered mom to 3 boys, living in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. I am a lifestyle photographer slowing building my business, while balancing my full time job and keeping our house and life in order (somewhat!) I am a lover of all things creative - photography is just one of my many artsy outlets!

Amelia Barrows

Charlotte, NC

Amelia Barrows is married to her high school sweetheart and a stay at home mom to two adorable little blondies. She loves capturing the everyday adventures of her little family.

Amy Mehlos

Seattle, WA

Amy is a natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle newborn and family photography. She lives in the Seattle, WA area with her husband and two young boys.

Linda Baca

West Covina, CA

I am a family and wedding documentary photographer.


Folsom, CA

Jyo is a featured lifestyle photographer in the Sacramento area focusing on families, couples and special events. She loves to focus on authentic moments and connections in everything she captures. When she doesn't have a camera in her hand, she is working full-time as an Engineer or chasing two kids at home!

Elizabeth Roy

Cream Ridge, NJ 

Elizabeth is a family photographer from NJ who is most at home with her 6 kids and husband! Documenting daily life and everything in between is the most important thing!

Kellie Pecoraro

Seattle, WA

Kellie is a lifestyle family photographer who lives in Seattle with her husband, 7 year old daughter & 3 year old son. Though she's lived in the Pacific Northwest for longer than her childhood home, she still considers Hawaii home and tries to visit as often as she can. She enjoys coffee in the morning, "stalking" her kids with her camera, CrossFit, and getting sappy while watching "This Is Us".

Alina Goroaia Vincenti

Rome, Italy

I live in Rome and I'm specialized in family lifestyle photography. I'm a busy mom of 3 little sweeties, art and nature lover with a passion for traveling. Since I became a mom, I've started to capture the beauty of our everyday life, all those details of our moments together that will be gone one day...trying to leave authentic memories to my children.

Sarah Keene

Philadelphia, PA

I am a photographer who loves to capture the details and the joys of everyday life. Inspired by thankfulness, I document life as wife to a devoted husband and mom of two hilarious little girls.

Jillian Baudry

Beziers, Languedoc, France

I'm a happy hobbyist living in the south of France. Wife to Monsieur Baudry, mama to our little princess and chief scruffy-dog walker, I'm inspired by our growing girl and our amazing mediterranean light. If I can capture both in the same shot then I'm in heaven.

Nico Strydom

Gauteng, South Africa

A divorced father of 3 boys and a girl. Accountant by day trying to break out of the binary world that I live in through my photography.

Erin Crum

Kirkland, WA

I'm a mom to three adorable peanuts. We are transplants to the Pacific Northwest and love exploring all of the beauty this area has to offer. My first cup of coffee ever happened when we moved to Seattle five years ago, and now I'm hooked.

Joyce Chien

Somerville, MA

I'm Joyce. I have two young, but rapidly growing children. I'm passionate about documenting our everyday lives.

Shanon Pruden

Evansville, IN

Shanon is a Documentary Photographer who lives in Southern Indiana. She enjoys using her camera to document her own family's life as well as all the beautiful things in nature she can find! In business, she works with other creatives and helps them communicate their passions by providing story-telling imagery for their websites and marketing.

Elaina Borchelt

Quakertown, PA

Elaina is a documentary photographer based in the Philadelphia region. She focuses on birth, newborn and family photography. Her desire is to capture fleeing moments and details that are so easily overlooked in everyday life. A lover of art, food and coffee, Elaina loves seeking out new experiences and places with her family and friends.

Penelope Hale

New South Wales, Australia

Shooting in primarily a documentary approach, Penelope documents the daily life of her own family (husband and two daughters aged 3 and 5) as well as those of her clients. She strives to slow down enough to see the beauty in the smaller moments and is so grateful to photography to providing a medium to record it.

Rochelle Hepworth

Vancouver, BC

Rochelle is a lover of all that is real, especially untimely giggles, dirty knees, misshaped sugar cookies and toddler tears. She loves to photograph the quintessential stories of family cleverly disguised as ordinary moments. Her home in the 'burbs of beautiful Vancouver, BC is filled with light, love, books, a cat, a husband, and 2 kiddos.

Courtney Kirkland

Wilmington, NC

I am a military wife, mom to two boys and a little girl arriving In the Fall, graphic designer and a photographer. I adore dramatic light, fun shadows, color and sun flare. My heart and passion is turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.